• Condizioni per l'uso del servizio di hosting forum offerto
1. The service
2. Use of the forum
3. Other

[1.1] The registration on ForumFull.net (hereinafter referred to as the " supplier ") and the creation of forums are free of charge and not binding. The provider does not give any guarantee for the services provided and it is not possible to claim any compensation for any data loss (obviously we make every effort to periodically make backup copies of the data).

[1.2] The service can be terminated at any time by the provider or by the user. The provider may in its sole discretion remove any messages for any reason. The user cannot request / demand the forum database or other related files at any time.

[1.3] It is; You can request the elimination of your forum at any time simply by following the procedure reported in specific page .

[2.1] A forum is considered inactive / abandoned and therefore automatically deleted when at least one of the following conditions is met:
  • The forum has not yet been modified, ie it still has the title " Forum Activated! " after 3 days from activation or has no sections visible to the public
  • The forum has been running for over a month and hasn't received at least 20 visits in the last 30 days for 2 months

[2.2] The forum and the associated website must respect the following rules:
  • the content must satisfy and not transgress any law applicable in the Italian State
  • must not promote the use of drugs, alcohol, pornography or any other form of adult-only content, profanity, hatred, fraud, racism, or any illegal activity.
  • It is not allowed to publish pornographic or illegal material: pirated software, cracks, warez, mp3 that violate the international regulation on copyright.
In the event of serious infringements of the aforementioned rules, offenders will be reported to the postal police (by presenting the IP and data recorded on our servers).

[2.3] By creating his forum, the user has the duty to check (personally and / or with the help of other moderators) the messages posted by other users. In case of infringements of these regulations, the offending messages must be deleted as soon as possible.
The provider undertakes, as far as possible and without any guarantee of efficiency, to carry out periodic checks on the material published in order to ensure that the network is not used to disseminate obscene, racist, violent or illegal content. The member, freely accepting to use this service, declares that the information provided is true, acknowledging that the supplier can make it known to the judicial authorities if necessary in order to allow the identification and possible prosecution in court of the responsible . The member also declares to assume full and total legal responsibility for the contents published on his forum.

[2.4] The ForumFull.net community is against spam practiced in any form and by any means. In particular, it is forbidden to use community resources to undertake this type of activity or to involve it in this kind of practice.

[2.6] The service offered is not a simple forum hosting, each forum in fact constitutes the cell of a large virtual community.
Subscription to a forum does not involve automatic subscription to all the others, but is totally independent .

[3] OTHER:
[3.1] By using the ForumFull.net services the user agrees to these terms of service. Failure to comply with the regulation leads to indefinite suspension or elimination of the forum without prior notice. The user may also incur penalties in order to compensate the supplier for any problem deriving from the improper use of this service.

[3.2] This regulation is periodically updated, so as to better adapt its contents to the evolution of the community and, possibly, to guarantee the best use for users who use it. Any changes made to the regulations are automatically accepted by registered users, who are also registered in the period prior to the last change. The revisions of the regulation are to be considered infrequent and mainly, although not exclusively, related to the provision of new services. Each subscriber has the right to withdraw his consent to these conditions freely and at any time by requesting the immediate interruption of the service according to the methods described in point 1.3 .

[3.3] Users who own a forum hosted in this community, as members of this community too, are not exempt from respecting the community rules accessible in the related page .
These are also required to keep the email address indicated in their account updated to allow the supplier and the judicial authorities to be able to contact him at any time and for any reason they deem appropriate.