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What is ForumFull.net?

Welcome to ForumFull.net! We are a web community, born exclusively in Italy in April 2003 with the website MondoWeb.net, and open to the world in April 2021. We offer ours users the possibility to create for free and in a few seconds your own forum phpBB 3.3 without having to worry about all the technical and server part such as security the system with necessary and periodic updates; also we start with a good indexing in search engines. All that remains is for you manage your forum as you see fit making it possibly always more interesting and popular. Also, for any problem you have a support forum available. The integrity of data is checked at regular intervals, beyond than by our staff, even by our systems that perform one backup copy to ensure an immediate recovery of the whole platform in case of problems.

Your forum will have an url (address), which you can choose https://name-of-forum.forumfull.net.

Your forum will have:
» dozens of templates / skins
» a gallery composed of a thousand avatars divided by category
» dozens of rank images assignable to the levels created
» thousands of smilies
» the possibility to create new bbcodes to make your messages unique
» the possibility to insert Global Ads , that is messages displayed in all sections
» the possibility to independently customize the logo at the top of the forum
» the possibility to see the title of the last topic from the forum homepage
» a Control Panel from which you can manage the available resources
» the possibility to create multiple choice polls
» the possibility to create subforums
» the possibility to post a welcome message on the homepage for your users and forum codes
» the possibility to answer much more discussions quickly thanks to the Quick Response feauture
» an encrypted and secure https connection (padlock at the top left of the browser)
» the possibility to upload images directly to your forum without the risk of losing them over time